Hot Fork Business Buffets

Our hot fork buffets for business cater for a broad range of tastes, starting with a limited choice for making best use of limited time and a wider selection of items for a relaxing break from intensive sessions. They usually require kitchen facilities and, if none are available, we can arrange the hire of additional equipment providing there is a suitable area available to set up a make-shift kitchen. It is our policy to visit a location to discuss facilities prior to accepting a booking.

The hot fork business buffet menus are designed to be served from Chaffing Dishes on a Buffet Table. The prices quoted below are for delivery to serving point only but we would recommend that you have waitress service with the hot buffets; please see additional services.

Minimum numbers apply – please contact us or call 01923 247047 to discuss your requirements.

All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Menu 1

Lasagne Classico
New Potatoes
Tossed Mixed Salad
French Bread & Butter

Lemon Meringue Pie

£10.95 per head

Menu 2

Chicken Supreme
Rice or Jacket Potatoes
Tossed Mixed Salad
French Bread & Butter

Vanilla Baked Cheesecake

£11.40 per head

Menu 3

Minty Lamb Casserole
With Winter Vegetables & Parsley Dumplings
New Potatoes
French Bread & Butter

Traditional Deep Apple Pie

£12.20 per head

Menu 4

Braised Peppered Beef in Red Wine
Rice or New Potatoes
Seasonal Mixed Vegetables
French Bread & Butter

Fresh Fruit Salad

£12.20 per head

Chinese Themed Menu

Sweet & Sour Chicken
With Peppers, Spring Onion & Carrots

Lamb & Ginger In Oyster Sauce
With Fresh Ginger, Beanshoots & Water Chestnuts

Chinese style Mushroom Chop Suey
Mixed Vegetables
Special Fried Rice
Spring Rolls
Prawn Crackers

Lychee Fruit Cocktail

£15.40 per head

Mediterranean Themed Menu

Moroccan Lamb
Marinated With Cumin, Cinnamon & Orange

Tuscan Chicken
Authentic Italian Chicken & Basil Casserole

Classic Mousasaka
Minced Lamb, Aubergines & Oregano Topped With Cheese

Rosemary & Garlic New Potatoes
Greek Salad
Lemon & Mint Cous Cous Salad
Mixed Salad Salad
Selection Of Continental Breads

Orange & Passion Fruit Tartlets

£15.40 per head

Mexican Themed Menu

Chilli Con Carne
Best Minced Beef With Onions, Tomatoes & Kidney Beans

Chicken & Choritzo Chilli
Made With Tomatoes, Coriander, Lime & Jalapenos

Cheese & Bean Enchilladas
Cheese & Pinto Beans Rolled In Tortillas – Oven Baked

Mexican Rice
Corn Tortilla Chips
Salsa, Guacamole & Soured Cream
Tossed Mixed Salad

Key Lime Pie

£15.40 per head

Indian Themed Menu

Chicken Tikka Massala (Mild)
With Tomatoes, Yoghurt & Mild Spices

Lamb Rogan Josh (Medium)
With Onions, Peppers & Fresh Coriander

Potato & Spinach Curry
Selection Of Fresh Vegetables In A Mild Curry Sauce

Onion Bhajis
Vegetable Samosas
Chota Naan
Tomato, Onion & Coriander Salad
Yoghurt & Mint Rathia
Crisp Green Salad

Tropical Fruit Platter

£15.40 per head

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