Meet the Team

At Hanson’s, it’s all about people. We’d like to introduce you to our key staff who will look after your catering needs.


Paul Hanson

This is Andrew Paul Hanson, known as Paul, who founded Hanson’s along with his twin brother Ian, in 1985. He loves going on holiday, playing golf and real ale.

Ian Hanson

This is Richard Ian Hanson, known as Ian or E. He is Paul’s twin brother and together they founded Hanson’s in 1985. He enjoys playing golf and cricket and walking his dog Angel.


Vicky Ross

This is Vicky Ross She is a cook who sometimes delivers and occasionally waitresses. She loves to watch films and holiday abroad.


Robyn Beach

This is Robyn Beach, who is in her 7th year at Hansons. She started as a driver, and still does the odd delivery but also now preps and cooks. She loves watching films and hanging out with her beloved dog Ollie.